Large Indian Camp

20 € / adult

Extend your immersion in nature with our Indian camp (20 to 32 campers) on our base. The Indian camp is an “optional” formula which can only be associated with a canoe formula when requesting a reservation.
We recommend that you check the availability of the Indian camp by clicking on “full details”

A natural orientation

The optional Indian camp only aims to carry out a nature night, the nights envisaged are subject to compliance with the Indian Camp rules
Certain orientations contrary to a natural night are no longer possible, the objective here is to spend a night in an atypical setting (on the outskirts of the town of Sélestat).

A specific reservation

A reservation subject to the deposit of a deposit for validation More informations

The canoe and Indian camp reservation corresponds to a “mixed reservation”, the operation of mixed reservations is explained in the Mixed Manual. We recommend that you consult it before making a request.

The main lines::

  • The reservation is processed in quote
  • The person making the request is the reference contact ( Find out more)
  • To edit the quote, information on the maximum number of participants must be transmitted
  • To be validated, the deposit which corresponds to 30% of the estimate must be paid by bank transfer
  • Il There are 2 meeting times: the first corresponds to the registration time, payment, inventory, deposit and installation at the camp, the second on the canoe schedule. Both must be respected
  • The Indian camp option does not modify the imperative final time of the canoe formulas
  • The exit inventory is made the day after the night at 11:00 a.m.

Camp capacity

The capacity is from 20 minimum to 32 people maximum.

For your organization

Inventory upon arrival

After the inventory of fixtures of entry carried out by our team and the reference contact ( deposit ), the participants will be able to install their belongings in the camp and to cool their food in the fridge present on their Indian camp area and reserved for their group only.

Composition of the camp

  • 2 Indian tipi with 5 double clicks
  • 2 Canadian tent with 6 single mattresses.
  • Awning with tables, benches, private fridge in the area
  • Access to collective sanitary facilities (dry toilets, showers)
  • Dishwashing point
  • Barbecue
  • Campfire brazier
  • Wood for the fire, charcoal for the barbecue and fire starter
  • Mattresses and sofa beds for your bedding
  • Low power 220 volt sockets
  • Awning and teepee lighting

To plan in your business

  • Sleeping bags, blankets and cushions
  • Lighter, matches for lighting the barbecue in particular
  • Dishes
  • Your evening meal
  • Attention :Please note: Low power 220 volt socket, it is not possible to connect hotplates, kettles, coffee makers, etc. to the camp. To connect coffee makers in particular, there is a common kitchen area under the Halle

The option “breakfast in autonomy”

To be requested in an additional message when requesting

The breakfast option in autonomy ( In partnership with a local baker ) aims to allow participants to wake up with a “sweet” breakfast.

Composition of breakfast
  • Hot drinks (tea, coffee) To match the preparation to your needs, we specify in the final team the number of tea and coffee drinkers.
  • Viennese pastries: mix of pastries
  • Bread, butter, jam
  • Orange juice, cold or hot milk ( On request)
  • Dropped off at the Indian camp area from 08:00 maximum
  • The “basket” includes the dishes that are to be returned
  • Some items will be kept cool in your fridge
  • Restitution of the “basket” during the exit inventory
Breakfast rate

€6.90 / person ( No different pricing for minors)

Places availablePlaces subject to availabilityNo vacanciesClosed
Price per person (all taxes included) overnight stay
Large « Indian camp »

with tepees, Canadian tents and awning (minimum 20/maximum 32 persons)

20 €10 €

The « Indian Camp » zones include : tables, benches, sanitary facilities, barbecue, fridge, electricity. Charcoal and wood are also provided for the camp fires (reasonable consumption).

Please consult us for groups inferior in number to our minimum stated. The Saturday evening rates are subject to a minimum number of people or payment corresponding to this minimum number of people.

The reservation of the Indian bivouac cannot be done without booking a canoe service

Please note : the camping zones are submitted to waste sorting (food, plastic, paper, glass).
We invite our customers to respect the waste sorting information. Failure to comply will lead to a penalty invoiced at 20 euros (all taxes included).

Please note: all living quarters are subject to an advance deposit at the time of the inventory, upon your arrival.


Persons over the age of majority.