Practical information

What are the opening hours of the base

Access to the “Les Canoës du Ried” base is reserved for customers. Our facilities (car park, pier and toilets) are private and reserved for the use of our customers only.

One summer season only

  • Open to the public from the beginning of May to the end of September
  • Season 2024: from Saturday April 20, 2024 to Sunday October 20, 2024

An opening during the week according to the period

Likely to add days of closures for dangerous weather reasons

Closing days common to the period: Monday (daytime)

Indian camps not accessible the day before a closing day

Base hours:

Possible access to our base according to the opening days from 08h00 to 11h30 and from 12h45 to 17h30
Our customers must have left our base at 18h30 for it to close.

What are the office hours

The telephone reception desk is also in charge of the physical reception of customers, may not be available during calls in full departure

Request for information only

Please note that telephone requests only concern requests for information,We no longer take reservations over the phone.
All information is available online:

In season only and according to the period

Likely to add days of closures for dangerous weather reasons

Office hours: 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. / 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Phone our office

Means of payment accepted


We accept payment in cash, cheque, holiday check or bank card.

The reference contact proceeds to the global payment of the service during the registration, the centralized payment can group together different payment methods. Reference contact? .

How to come to the base

  1. From Strasbourg
  2. From Colmar
  3. From Mulhouse
  4. From Germany
  5. By train

A base on the outskirts of Sélestat

Our base is located south of the town of Sélestat , outside the city in the middle of the Ried meadows on the edge of the D159. The D159 connects the D424 to the old town of Sélestat.

Our address: 35 route de Marckolsheim, 67600 SELESTAT .

Street view October 2022

By car or by bike

GPS coordinates: 48.249042, 7.458987

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Important: to reach our nautical base, you must leave Sélestat . You will thus avoid going to the Sélestat Club (Canoe Kayak Slalom).

From Strasbourg

Itinérary Gmaps
Itinérary Waze
Itinérary Mappy

  • A35 / E25 motorway Direction Colmar / Sélestat
  • Exit 17 (Freiburg, Châtenois, Marckolsheim)
  • Take direction Marckolsheim. 5th roundabout take direction “Vieille Ville” (3rd left exit), 200 m after destination on the right

From Colmar

Itinérary Gmaps
Itinérary Waze
Itinérary Mappy

  • Take direction Sélestat / Strasbourg
  • Exit 18 after the village of Guémar, direction Sélestat Center / Haut Koenigsbourg
  • Continue until the entrance to Sélestat
  • At the roundabout, turn right towards Marckolsheim, next roundabout, 3rd exit left towards “Vieille Ville”
  • 200 m after destination on the right

From Mulhouse

Itinérary Gmaps
Itinérary Waze
Itinérary Mappy

  • Take direction Colmar / Strasbourg then direction Sélestat / Strasbourg
  • Exit 18 after the village of Guémar, direction Sélestat Center / Haut Koenigsbourg
  • Continue until the entrance to Sélestat
  • At the roundabout, turn right towards Marckolsheim, next roundabout, 3rd exit left towards “Vieille Ville”
  • 200 m after destination on the right

From Germany

Border Marckolsheim Gmaps
Border Bac de Rhinau Gmaps
Border de Breisach Gmaps

  • Take the direction Marckolsheim – Sélestat
  • Go to the roundabout at the crossroads between the RD424 and the RD159, direction Vieille Ville
  • 200m after the destination will be on the right.
  • Attention: another service provider is present on the RD424 coming from Marckolsheim, not to be confused with Les Canoës du Ried.

By train

Arrived at the Selestat Train station
  • No bus line directly serves the “Les Canoës du Ried” base.
  • Coming by train, combine train and bike or train and walk (1.9kms)
  • Presence of a kayak club on the route, our base is outside the town of Sélestat, go to the Canoës du Ried
Gmaps from the train station

How to offer a gift voucher?

How gift vouchers work

  • Gift vouchers are edited and sent by email in a pdf file to print
  • Gift vouchers can only relate to canoe formulas . Due to the limited availability of our Indian camp services, we no longer offer gift vouchers with these options.
  • The request for gift vouchers must contain:
    1. The planned canoe formula
    2. The number of people and their category ( More details )
    3. The date you would like to gift it

Registration and validation of gift vouchers

  • The gift vouchers issued are numbered and integrated into a database
  • They are sent before payment, which is made by bank transfer (invoice sent when the voucher is sent by email)
  • The validation of the voucher will be integrated into the database after its payment:
    1. The gift voucher can be offered before payment
    2. When paying, in order to have a follow-up, send us a transaction notice by email with the voucher number or include it as a reference during your transfer
    3. The validation of the voucher is acknowledged by email

Validity of the gift voucher

  • The gift vouchers published are valid for the season following its edition. If the voucher is issued in the off-season, valid for the following season, if the voucher is issued at the very end of a season, valid for the following season as well
  • Gift vouchers can be renewed once free of charge by email request from the beneficiary (under conditions listed on the voucher)

Book with your gift voucher

  • Make the request via the Booking Form .
  • Transmit the number of the gift voucher when requesting an additional message
  • Subject to availability and validity of the gift voucher, the reservation will be confirmed by email
Order a voucher

How is a canoe formula organised?

Arrive at the “Les Canoës du Ried” site

  • Our site is a nature base, some of our animals are free on the site. The arrival on the site must be done at a walk. The speed limit on our site is 10km/h
  • Park in the car park (stabilized area and meadow) in a rational way in order to limit the grip of your vehicle as much as possible
  • The referent interlocutor must report to reception.

The referent interlocutor corresponds to the person in charge of the reservation, ie the person who made the online reservation, with whom we exchanged, unless another person was designated in this role during the exchanges.

Welcome and registration

  • The referent interlocutor is the only one who can carry out the registration of a team . All the information and terms of the reservation have been considered with him.
  • Our team confirms the terms of the reservation again with the contact person (number of people, equipment, mobile phone number of the orientation manager, etc.)
  • The terms of the reservation are integrated into the rental contract which will be co-signed
  • The referent interlocutor proceeds to the global payment of the reserved service. Only a centralized payment is accepted even if this payment takes different payment methods. The objective of centralizing payment is to save time on registration .


    Once registration is complete, our team will equip participants with buoyancy aids (1 per person) and 55l cans (1 per canoe maximum). Please note: the canisters provided are no longer guaranteed to be waterproof on electronic equipment in particular, do not take a telephone in the canisters, car keys, important papers, etc.

    • The keys of our customers’ cars can be left at the reception after the equipment
    • If you want to bring a mobile phone in addition to that of the orientation manager, equip yourself with a waterproof pouch for your phone.

    The briefings

    During all departures, the following briefings are carried out:

    • A course briefing: this briefing aims to explain the detailed map given at registration to the orientation manager. He will go over the course point by point, detailing it (possible breaks, difficulties, etc.)
    • A maneuver briefing: this briefing aims to explain the handling of a Canadian canoe with a single paddle, how to steer it? How to avoid difficulties? What to do in the event of a reversal? What to do in the presence of animals?…


    Our Shuttle is parked at the waiting briefings area. As soon as the briefings are over, the clientele is transported to the starting point of the canoe formula. Arrived at the starting point, our team will assist you for boarding.

We love nature

  • Take your rubbish back with you after the trip (there are bins and selective sorting at the base).
  • Do not light fires in the open.
  • Be vigilant and careful when you go ashore.
  • Do not pick flowers.
  • Observe nesting grounds from afar, and stay away from the swans, particularly during the nesting period: male swans can be aggressive.
  • Be sure to respect other river users as well as the local fishermen.