FAQ for group reservation

How do I book for my group?

Two ways to book:

  • All our services are subject to compliance with our Canoe Charter
  • Recommended: via the Booking Form
  • via the contact form
  • In all cases, a group request will be processed for quote editing from 8 participants.
  • The validation of so-called group reservations is subject to the deposit of a deposit
  • Before any group request, we recommend that you consult the Group Manual , the Cancellation Memento

When to book for my group?

  • For a weekday date: availability is more open, however, anticipate!
  • For a weekend and public holiday date: it is best to anticipate a minimum of 2 weeks for canoe services. Indian camp formulas are very popular
  • Check availability online to cross-reference your availability with ours. Online availability is updated periodically (every 30 minutes). You will find them in the “All details” tab of the formulas

Please note: online availability does not guarantee that we will have enough space to accommodate a large group.

View online availability

What information to provide when booking?

Due to the different types of canoes, it is necessary to define a maximum forecast number (see Group Manual ):

  • number of adults
  • Number of seagoing Minors (12-17 years old)
  • Number of non-navigating minors (7-11 years old)
  • More details on the categories of minors: FAQ: Can we sail with a child? .

What if the number of sailors is odd?

Two possibilities :

  • Make a boat of 3 sailors. We specify that it is not recommended because of the stability (in particular concerning 3 large adults).
  • Prefer 1 single-seater kayak, even if it means alternating the kayaker.

To note :

  • The most functional crew will always consist of 2 sailors.
  • It is always necessary to consider a maximum number of participants at the time of a pre-reservation (that is to say an effective reservation subject to the finalization of the number of participants).

How is the transport of a group ensured?

In order to simplify the logistical aspect of the canoe activity, the transport of participants and equipment is always provided by our company via our minibuses and coaches.
Our internal transport capacity is important: Consult the details of our transport

We therefore offer “complete” logistics

In normal operation, our departures represent 43 participants per departure, in the event of larger groups, which we limit to 60 sailors for reasons of comfort and cohesion of the participants in the group, we assign a second of our coaches to the departure.

The only exception for certain groups: “material” logistics

Includes transfer of rented equipment. Participants will be responsible for transferring people.
Only if the group in question has its own bus with a driver assigned only to driving this bus (not participating in the canoe activity). Example: army corps, administration, company….

Which formula is the most suitable for my group?

The groups having heterogeneous compositions in terms of level in canoes, we recommend to focus only on  the trip formulas .

The times given are always heard at an average pace and without a break.

A day accessible to all (15 kms, 3 hours of paddles without breaks) meeting at 9:30 a.m. (at our base) with the possibility of stopping at the  Restaurant A la Truite with an  imperative final time at 4:45 p.m.: the Full Day Trip

A mixed Matinée formula adapted from the Morning Trip formula (10 kms, 2 hours of paddles without breaks) meeting at 08:10 (at our base) with the possibility of ending with a barbecue on arrival at our base in Sélestat (place appointments) with our partner Attitude gourmande . Final arrival time: 11:45 am. The afternoon being devoted to relaxation.

An Afternoon accessible to all (10kms, 2 hours of paddles without breaks) meeting at 2:10 p.m. (at our base) and a return imperative at 5:45 p.m.: Afternoon Trip formula .

Does my group require supervision?

  • The so-called “school” groups or groups of young people not supervised by their legal guardians, but by adults (rental to minors not being accepted by our company) are subject to the supervision of a state-qualified instructor or a physical education teacher with the Canoe Kayak option.
  • The mentor can only supervise 16 participants (1 for 16) for a maximum of 10 boats per frame.

Specializing in self-guided nautical hiking, we do not offer supervision and cannot accommodate this group profile.

We invite you to contact the kayak club of Sélestat.

What if my group is foreign and is made up of minors?

In principle, French legislation applies to all groups practicing in France. Nevertheless, certain derogations may exist due to training equivalence. Note: French legislation subjects the supervision by a non-national (EU) to its obligation to possess a French professional card.

Specializing in self-guided nautical hiking, we do not offer supervision and cannot accommodate this group profile.

We invite you to contact the kayak club of Sélestat.

My group is a group of adults, but I would like supervision.
What does this frame correspond to?

Supervision means the management of a group of participants by 1 or more qualified executives whose role is to learn and raise awareness of the practice of canoeing. Its role will correspond in particular to creating functional crews and teaching participants the practice of canoeing.

Very often, groups of adults are looking for “nature guide” type support, in order to make the group aware of the natural environment and the discovery of the region. This service is not understood as a framework and does not have the same purpose. Nevertheless, the intervention of a third party within a group is assimilated by the texts to a framework.

Specializing in self-guided nautical hiking, we do not offer supervision and cannot accommodate this group profile.

We invite you to contact the kayak club of Sélestat.

What happens if on D-Day, the finalized number for my group has decreased without serious reasons?

Due to numerous abuses, the booking finalized a maximum of four (4) days before the date of the reservation constitute the invoicing base.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you always inform us by email even outside of the four (4) day notice, in fact, having knowledge of the release of the places in question, they can possibly be assigned to another public, if this is the case, the invoicing of the finalized number of participants is subject to unilateral modification of the “Canoes du Ried”

To understand the notions of estimated workforce and finalized workforce, refer to the Group manual

Cancellation terms: the Cancellation Memento.